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Injury Rehabilitation

TPS Health are experts in the management of injury rehabilitation with specific experience in sports injuries, and post operative care for the spine, knee and back. If you have suffered a sports injury, spine injury or knee injury, chances are you’re keen to get back to health as quickly as possible. The team at TPS Health will work with you to develop a plan for your best recovery and prevention of recurrence.

In the management of injury, we will work closely with patients and other health professionals to strengthen the injured body part for a fast and successful recovery. Following a physical examination that includes the measurement and testing of your existing capabilities, your physiotherapist will develop an individually designed rehabilitation plan to reduce pain and increase physical strength – this may include exercises, therapy, lifestyle recommendations and even referrals to other health professionals. By working with a physiotherapist and following a programme customised to your particular injury, body and lifestyle you increase your chances of a speedy recovery without risking further injury or pain.

TPS Health has a fully equipped gym for injury specific rehabilitation at all clinic locations. Equipment includes Clinical Pilates Reformers to allow integration of Pilates into your individual rehabilitation program. 

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