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DID YOU KNOW??.. TPS Health has Physiotherapists who are specially trained in the techniques of Dry Needling. But what’s the benefit for you? How does... Read More
Just had a baby? Wondering what the right exercise is? When is the right time? And should it be with the right person? Physiotherapists are the right kind of professional to help you plan your postnatal recovery. We study for years at university – anatomy, muscle cells, how they... Read More
Pre and Post Natal Pilates - 21 October 2014
Throughout pregnancy and after having a baby, your body undergoes many changes which means taking care of yourself throughout these stages is very important. Pilates has become a popular form of exercise for pre & post-natal women due to its focus on core strength... Read More
What is dry needling? - 21 October 2014
Many physiotherapists across Australia have expanded their skillset to integrate dry needling into the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Dry needling involves the application of fine needles into tight painful... Read More
Pelvic Floor Help - 21 October 2014
Many women are unaware that some physiotherapists are highly educated to diagnose and treat pelvic floor issues. It's quite sad but many women (and men for that matter) suffer in silent, or are not sure where to get help, from a variety of symptoms that can have a... Read More