The TPS Health team are here to assess and treat patients of all ages and ailments.


All TPS physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced.

Pilates is the one exercise that has taken the world by storm in the past few years.

Injury Rehabilitation
TPS Health are experts in the management of injury rehabilitation.

Pregnancy, Post-Natal and Women’s Health Services
TPS Health’s pre and post-natal Pilates and circuit classes have been specifically designed by our physiotherapists.

TPS Health is Brisbane's premier team of physiotherapists.

TPS Health Brisbane specialises in physiotherapy, Pilates, injury rehabilitation and pre/post natal services.

Each year over 5000 patients visit our four Brisbane clinics, located at Morningside, Cleveland, Lutwyche and Victoria Point, and over 200 doctors choose us for their patient care.

The TPS Health team are here to assess and treat patients of all ages and ailments. Common treatable ailments include back pain, hip and knee pain, shoulder and neck pain, migraines and headaches. Our physiotherapists care for elite level and recreational athletes as well as those with non-athletic and sports injuries, workplace injuries, pregnancy and post-natal conditions.

At TPS we provide you with the ultimate combination of spacious, state of the art, family friendly facilities and a conscientious personalised service.

Our aim is to ensure your experience at TPS is as professional as possible while still ensuring you feel welcome and comfortable.

Latest News

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Throughout pregnancy and after having a baby, your body undergoes many changes which means taking care of yourself throughout these stages is very important. Pilates has become a popular form of exercise for pre & post-natal women due to its focus on core strength...